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​eduroam Wireless Network



eduroam has replaced Libertad.  Pre-registration of your device is NOT required.  eduroam users from other campuses that also have eduroam are able to log into the eduroam network at UTB.  Click here to view the list of eduroam campuses in the United States (scroll down to see an alphabetical list). 

How to:

Simply select the eduroam wireless network.  Accept any connection notices.

When prompted to login:

     Username/Identity:  Your UTB email address.  
                                   Click here if you do not know your UTB email address 
                                   Log in and your UTB email address will be displayed
          If you are from a different UT campus, enter your institution email address.  

          UTPA students and employees:  
              If your email address ends with, remove "broncs."  
              Enter the ending portion of the address as
              If your device is on the UTPA domain, log into your computer 
                  with your employee email address as your username.

     Password:   The same password that you use for Webmail, Blackboard, etc.

Most devices are able to automatically connect.  Below are the manual configuration settings.  Your device may not require all fields.

        Network Name:  eduroam  (all lower case)
        Security Type:  WPA2-Enterprise 
        Encryption Type:  AES - CCMP  
        Authentication Type:  PEAP
        Authentication Method:  Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
        Authentication Protocol:  MS-CHAP-V2
        Domain:  Leave blank
        Roaming Identify:  Your UTB email address
        Certificate Server: 
            (Select Server name must match the specified entry exactly.)
        Certificate:  Any Trusted CA  
                          or AddTrust External CA Root (required by some mobile devices)

Additional Information

By default, eduroam credentials are saved.  If you are using a shared device, change this setting within the eduroam wireless profile so that your credentials are not saved.  (For Windows 7/8: Network and Sharing Center - right click on Eduroam network and select Properties - Security tab - UNcheck "Remember my credentials..".)

If assistance is needed, please visit the Help Desk at the open lab located at the University Boulevard Library, first floor.