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Two ways to reset your password:

1.  MyPassword: This requires that you have a profile which is a set of three security questions on file (created during orientation).   
Click here to access MyPassword
     -- OR --

2.  Request a temporary password A temporary password will be sent to your non-UTB email account currently on file with the university.
     a.   FIRST, Add as a contact in your non-UTB email account 
           so your temporary password does not go into your junk/spam folder.

     b.   Click here to access the temporary password site and enter the following:
               -  First Name  (enter exactly as on file)               
Last Name  (enter exactly as on file) 
               -  Username  (initials and student ID number; e.g., JD0380001)
               -  NON-UTB email address already on file with the university.
               -  Access your personal email account to retrieve the temporary 
               -  Use the temporary password to setup a MyPassword profile 
these instructionsUse the temporary password when
                       editing your profile.  You may wish to cut and paste the 
                       temporary password received
This will allow you to use 
                       the MyPassword tool in the future if needed.